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Smooth & Easy, 1400W


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Smart Hose

As the hose is thin and light, cleaning is easy with little strain on the arm even when lifting up to clean. Entanglement with furniture is reduced, making it easy to maneuver.



Air Turbine Head

Power of indrawn air makes brush spin which beats dust out of the carpet.

Cleans to the Edge in Front and Sides

Draws in dust from front and sides to vacuum even corners of the room and wall edges.

Easy to Detach / Remove

Brush holder detaches when you open the lever and you can remove the spinning / rotating brush.




Sustainable Suction Power Sustainability Above 99%

Dirt is Compressed by 2nd Tier Boost

Airflow is boosted (accelerated) at the cyclone chamber entrance, and the generated cyclone centrifuges dirt and air.
Centrifuged dirt and air are reaccelerated at the dust box entrance. Dirt is compressed by the generated cyclone.

Centrifuges Dirt and Air

Cyclone Chamber, Compresses Dirt, Air, Boost (Accelerate)

Dirt and Air

Dust Case, Compressed Dirt, Boost (Accelerate)

*1The new standard is labeling based on the “suction power sustainability measurement of electric vacuum cleaners”, a voluntary standard established by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association.

*2The sustainability of airflow from the state of no dirt in the filter and dust box to the line indicating time to empty dirt in the dust box is above 99%.


Multi Angle Head

Head turns 90 degrees to the left & right.


Powerful Yet Quiet

Suppresses the sound with high performance compact motor and body design.


Other Convenient Features

One-Touch Zoom Pipe

Pipe length can be easily adjusted with just one hand.

Press the Lever, Adjust Height Accordingly

Quick Storage

Just hook to store easily.

One-Touch Swivel Brush

Attach to extension pipe and grip for easy cleaning.

Press the Lever, Adjust Height Accordingly

Quick Carrying Handle

Easy to carry around.

Suction Max. Power (W)
Motor Max. Power (W)
Dust Capacity (L)
Noise Level (dB)
Dust Collection Efficiency (%)
Auto Drive Head, Extendable Multi Angle Wide Brush
Carbon Light
Smart Hose
Extension Pipe
Carbon Light
Multi Angle Head
Flat Mechanism
Quick Dust Disposal
One-Touch Zoom Pipe
Quick Storage
Handy & Easy Remote Control
One-Touch Swivel Brush, Quick Carrying Handle, Crevice Nozzle, Maintenance Brush
Body Weight (kg) / Product Weight (kg)
5.6 / 7.1
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
405 x 268 x 313

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